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I have an extensive knowledge of the golf swing which has been built up over the last 8 years working with highly regarded coaches including my present coaches Adrian Harris  who helps me with the technical aspects of my game and Luke Joy who is a Tour professional and mind coach who helps me with performance and mindset. The knowledge I have gained over the years has allowed me to breakdown each aspect of the golf swing so that I fully understand the mechanics and have the ability to translate that into simple terms for both advanced golfers and beginners. I have a qualification with Foresight which enables me to teach using their technology (GC Quad and GC2) as well as a full understanding of Trackman  

And, probably the most beneficial aspect of my coaching is what I have learned playing on tour with some of the best young golfers, some of whom are now playing on the European and Challenge tours.


At the beginning of 2024 I decided to speak to my clients to ask them what they thought about my coaching packages. It was clear that my clients were happy with all aspects of the lessons I gave, however the one bit of feedback that came back was it would be great if their time between lessons was more structured and they could get access to me to ensure they were on the right track.....  

So I decided to review all aspects of my offer and looked at what other coaches were doing and I have now produced coaching packages that I believe you will not of seen before as they cover everything that my clients asked for and more. Most of which will be accessed through my new APP which links to my website.


To see how I can help you, click on the different programs for more information.

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Business Proposal

My main ambition is to play on the DP World tour and to reach the pinnacles of the golfing world. However, this does come at a financial cost. Therefore, I have put together a business proposal for individuals and companies that would be willing to aid my development. For more information, please visit the sponsorship page or click below.

Brad On The Course

Brad On The Course

Brad On The Course
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