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At present, I offer 2 different coaching packages and accommodate all levels of golfer. 


I have an extensive knowledge of the golf swing which I have learnt over the last 6 years working with Dan Frost who is an world renowned instructor, who teaches a wide variety of golfers including  European tour players. Not only has he worked with me on my swing, he has also shown me how to breakdown each aspect of the swing so that I fully understand the mechanics. I also have a qualification with Foresight which enables me to teach using their technology (GC Quad and GC2). 

And, probably the most beneficial aspect of my coaching is what I have learned playing on tour with some of the best young golfers, some of whom are now playing on the European and Challenge tours.

To see how I can help, you look at the options I offer below. 

Golf Coaching Channel

To get access to my golf coaching channel, is £3.99 per month. There you will find everything you need to transform your game and lower your scores. There is in excess of 60 videos, with more being added all of the time covering all aspects of the game of golf. Included in the channel are...

Tips on how to use the channel which will enable you to improve your game by targeting the right areas of your game.

There are videos that highlight the faults you may have in your swing, if you hit the ball, Left, Right, Long or Short.  

All the solutions, you will find in the channel.

Struggling with course management? Use my Tour knowledge to lower your score with your current golf swing.

And so much more...

As my main aim is to help you improve your game. If the video you require is not in the channel. There is a facility to ask for it.  I will add it to the channel as soon as possible. Finally for my subscribers, you will find discounts from my partners and other offers from time to time.  

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My short game has always been a bit suspect and is guaranteed to cost me a few shots out on the course. Brads, chipping channel  has been invaluable. Just by trying to copy what Brad is demonstrating, my shots are getting to the hole now as the strike is more consistent. Great channel.

Andy.  Exeter

I have a fairly good understanding of my golf swing as I have had a number of lessons in the past, however the technique that Brad explains and demonstrates to hit a draw is something I have never tried before. Feels like it will be far easier to replicate than my normal set up. 

Richie.  Bournemouth 

I have been subscribed to the channel for a month now and already by using the tips Brad talks about and demonstrates in his videos, my chipping and putting feels so much better. The majority of tips, I have been able to do around the house or in the back garden. Can't wait to get back out on the course.

Josh.  Bournemouth

Was really impressed how Brad was able to see the faults in my back swing by looking at 2 videos and was able to give me two simple drills to help fix it. Can't wait to take the changes onto the golf course.

Paul.  Southampton

Was amazed that from just a couple of videos Brad was able to suggest a few things to do with my putting stroke. He also noticed that the toe of my putter was raised off the ground which resulted me closing the putter face at impact. I am holing so many more putts now. Thanks Brad.


James.  Dorchester    

It is no exaggeration to say Brad has transformed my game. I had been stuck at 5/6 handicap for 18 months or so without any progress (work means that I have very little time outside of playing to practice).

Within lesson one he had diagnosed the source of my frustration and given me a series of easy to remember drills that had an immediate  impact. In the following  9 months I've dropped to 2.9 and am looking to keep going lower under Brads guidance.

On top of that he's a great guy and never looses sight that we supposedly play this game for fun.

Grant.  Poole

Virtual Golf Coaching

Transform your game with online golf coaching. To get access to my virtual golf coaching, it is £9.99 per month. Included in the price you will receive everything that my Golf Coaching Channel subscribers get. On top of that, you also will be able to send, up to 2 videos per month relating to any part of your game that you wish to improve.   

I will then analyse the videos, giving you detailed feedback on the areas you need to work on and guide you to to my Coaching Drills Channel which you have exclusive access to. Here you will see videos showing you the actions you will need to change, which ultimately will improve your game. 

And  to ensure you fully understand what I am asking of you, feel free to message me Mon-Fri to ask about any queries on the video or the drills I have set you.

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My main ambition is to play on tour and to reach the pinnacles of the golfing world. However, this does come at a financial cost. Therefore I have put together a series of packages to suit individuals and companies that would be willing to aid my development. For more information, please visit the sponsorship page or click below.


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