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1 to 1 Lesson - Plus On-Line Golf Coaching Program

The Golf Coaching norm is at the Golf Course or on a driving range, where the Golf Professional will spend a set time with you where they will diagnose a fault or two in your golf swing. Come up with a solution as to how you can rectify it and then allow you to hit Golf Balls whilst giving you further tuition. With this program, you still get the benefit of the 1 to 1 tuition.......

However you will also get everything else that I offer from the Online Golf Coaching - PLUS program.

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As you may have read earlier. I decided to ask my clients what they thought about my lessons and what I could do to improve them. They were brutal, however all of them were happy with my analysis of the part of the game we were working on, happy with my knowledge of how to fix the issue, happy with the drills and swing thoughts I gave them.

Some of the things they said they would like to improve my lessons were....

Give them a proper practice program.

Have access to demonstration videos to ensure they are on the correct track.

Have a way for me to check their progress between lessons.

Know when I am available to teach.

Have some form of access to me, although they say "I know you are busy"

And so you can see the thing they wanted most was more of me and so I came up with.....

1 to 1 On-Line Golf Coaching - PLUS

There is a number of on-line golf coaching apps where professionals offer swing analysis,  demonstration videos etc. I have searched the Internet and I honestly can not find anything like what I am offering anywhere. So what do you get.....

Access to my new APP which is linked through my website.


One 50 minute 1 to 1 Golf Lesson per month, at Christchurch Golf Golf Club, where I have access to the 18 hole and 9 hole (par 3) courses, use of the Trackman driving range as well as access to the Trackman Golf simulators.

The ability to book your 1 to 1 Golf Lesson on the App. (Not available with my normal Private Lessons)

Access to my On-Line Golf Training/Practice Program, where you will be set tasks to complete around all aspects of the golf game. You will be able to share with me your progress by signing off tasks/achievements as you complete them. When you sign up there is a onboarding process with a simple questionnaire to help me understand your golfing ability. I will also ask you to complete a simple monthly feedback questionnaire to help me plan your next month. Finally there is an Achievements section where you can update things like your handicap improvement, Your score improvement etc.


You can send me 5 videos of your golf swing, chipping or putting across the month where I will respond with feedback to ensure you are on-track.


Access to my Golf channel which has 60+ demonstration videos and 40+ drill videos which will enable you to review what you are working on.


Access to my Members Forum where you can share your achievements or ask questions

You get all of this for

£65 per month.

Minimum subscription term is 3 months

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