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I'm Brad Cox, a Touring Golf Professional who lives in Dorset. I play my non-competitive golf at Broadstone Golf Club and the Christchurch Golf Centre in Bournemouth.


I started playing golf at the relatively late age of 13 due to my first passion being football. I started my golf at Sturminster Marshall Golf Club where I received lessons from Mike Dodd, and taking to the sport quickly I was soon playing in various Dorset Golf Union events. By 2014, I was already playing U16 and U18 levels; I also won the first of my major Dorset trophies winning, the Category 1 Championship and being the first junior to do so. 

The following year was not so good, however I started to be coached by Dan Frost who changed the majority of my swing due to back issues I was getting. This took a while to refine although I still managed to win the Dorset Junior Order of Merit and was selected for the Dorset First Team.


2016 was my best year as an amateur. I was a semi-finalist in the Dorset amateur and followed that up by winning the Junior Championship. I then went on to win both the Stroke Play Championship and County Handicap Championship which now meant I had won 3 of the 4 major Dorset competitions. On the back of being the Junior Champion, I was entered in the England Champion of Champions event. Golf can be a frustrating sport! I was sat in the clubhouse leading the event by a shot with one group out on the course. One of the guys birdied the last 2 holes to win. You can't do anything about that and so runner up I was. I continued as a amateur the following year and played a few events nationally where I learnt a lot more about my game whilst reducing my playing handicap to +3. 


At the end of 2017, I decided to turn pro. My first event was at Liphook Golf Club where I was in a group with Scott Gregory, the Walker Cup player. I remember struggling to put the ball on the tee for that first tee shot. During my time as a pro I have been paired with most of the mini tour top guys some of whom, are now playing on the Challenge or European Tour (the main difference in most cases being mindset, experience and course management). I have learnt a lot. I have had 7 top tens in pro events and to date I have had 3 wins my first being the Europro Tulfarris Irish Masters Pro-am in 2019. I have also won the Ealing Pairs on the TP Tour with my partner Luke Joy and the a week later I won the Regional Open Qualifying at Ferndown Golf Club both in 2023


I would also like to thank family, team and partners for all your support. It really is appreciated, and I could not do it without your help.

I plan to add my results below from my events over the coming years and so you will be able to view my progress.

Best Wishes

Brad Cox

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2021 Season Events / Results
Date       Course              Tour                 Score     Position       Field
13/4/21     Remedy Oak          TP Tour                  +3          Tied 23rd          86
23/4/21     Blackwell              TP Tour                  +4          Tied 32nd          69 
11/5/21      Remedy Oak         Clutch Tour            +3          Tied 33rd          130
24/5/21     Foxhills                 Clutch Tour            +1           Tied 17th          142 
1/6/21       Old Thorns             TP Tour                  +6          Tied 18th           68
7/6/21       Oxford                   Jamega Tour   D1    -2                          
8/6/21       Oxford                   Jamega Tour   D2   +2
                                                                              Lvl         Tied 13th            76
26/6/21     Princes                  Brit Open Quali     +7           Tied 91st          144
29/7/21     Brockenhurst         Jamega Tour         +5           Tied 25th           61 
18/8/21     Goodwood               Clutch Tour  D1     -1       
19/8/21     Goodwood               Clutch Tour  D2    +1
                                                                              Lvl          Tied 10th         102
1/9/21        Studley Wood          Europro Tour D1   +1 
2/9/21        Studley Wood          Europro Tour D2   -2          Missed Cut       156
13/9/21      Knebworth               Jamega Tour        -2          Tied 6th             66
25/10/21    Calcot Park              TP Tour               +3          Tied 22nd          43 
2022  Season Events / Results
Date        Course               Tour               Score      Position        Field         
12/4/22     Remedy Oak          Clutch Tour           -1           Tied 24th           135
27/4/22     Sonning G C           Jamega Tour D1    +1
28/4/22    Sonning G C           Jamega Tour D2    +7 
                                                                            +8            Tied 35th           65 
9/5/22      Aldwickbury Park   Jamega Tour D1   +3
10/5/22    Aldwickbury Park   Jamega Tour D2   +6
                                                                            +9            Tied 31st            58
23/5/22     Royal Ascot GC      Jamega Tour D1    Lvl
24/5/22     Royal Ascot GC      Jamega Tour D2   Lvl 
                                                                             Lvl           Tied 13th            55
7/6/22       Frilford Heath (B)   Clutch Pro           -3
 8/6/22      Frilford Heath (B)   Clutch Pro           +1 
                                                                             -2            Tied 14th           132
20/6/22    Minchinhampton     Brit Open Quali   +1            Tied 30th           126 
11/7/22      Frilford Heath (R)   Clutch Pro           Lvl  
12/7/22     Frilford Heath (R)   Clutch Pro            -1
                                                                             -1           Tied 26th            135
8/8/22      The Astbury            Clutch Pro           +5
9/8/22      The Astbury            Clutch Pro           Lvl 
                                                                             +5          Tied 48th           148
2023 Season Events / Results
Date        Course               Tour               Score      Position        Field         
2/5/23       Luton Hoo             Clutch Pro              +1
3/5/23       Luton Hoo             Clutch Pro              -1
                                                                              Lvl         Tied 34th            136
10/5/23     Royal Ascot           Clutch Pro              +1
11/6/23     Royal Ascot           Clutch Pro              +2
                                                                              +3         Tied 52                138
24/5/23     Farnham               Clutch Pro              +2
25/5/23     Farnham               Clutch Pro              +5
                                                                              +7          Tied 124             156
30/5/23    Tandridge              Clutch Pro              +10
 1/6/23     Tandridge              Clutch Pro              +6
                                                                              +16        Tied 121              156
20/6/23   Ealing Pairs            TP Tour                   -9          1st                       42 pairs
26/6/23   Ferndown               Open Reg Quali       -3          1st                       126
4/7.23      Royal Porthcawl     Open Final Quali    +14        Tied 51                72 
10/7/23   The Millbrook         Clutch Pro               +5
11/7/23    The Millbrook         Clutch Pro               -3
                                                                               +2        Tied 11th              116
17/7/23    North Hants           Clutch Pro                +3
18/7/23    North Hants           Clutch Pro                +3
                                                                                +6      Tied 78th             122
24/7/23   The Astbury            Clutch Pro                -3   
25/7/23   The Astbury            Clutch pro                +5
                                                                                +2      Tied 59th            109
17/8/23   Mannings Heath     Clutch Pro                 +1
18/8/23   Mannings Heath    Clutch Pro                 -1
                                                                                Lvl      Tied 33rd           114
10/10/23  Royal Norwich       Tour Champs             lvl
11/10/23  Royal Norwich       Tour Champs             +2
                                                                                +2       Tied 54th           118
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