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Video Analysis On-Line Golf Coaching

Are you serious about your Golf, however don't want to have one to one lessons with a Golf Professional and just need a few pointers. Well this could be just what you are looking for. My On-Line Golf Coaching program is all virtual. You will have seen Golf Professionals coaching on line by asking their clients to send a video of their golf swing for them to analyse. They then send back some feedback and perhaps a demonstration as to what you need to do different.

My On-Line Golf Coaching Program has that, apart from you will get to send me 2 Videos per month.

See below to see what is included in the whole package..... 

Virtual coaching demonstration

The yellow line is where your club is at present on your back swing. The red line is where you need to get the club so that it is inline with your hands.

From there it will make it much easier to turn from the top of the swing leaving you space for the club to make better contact with the ball improving your shot consistency and reduce your misses both left and right.

Virtual coaching demonstration.

The yellow line is your club from your downswing coming towards the ball. Ideally the club needs to be a little more through your shoulders as you can see with the red line.

This will help to get the clubface pointing more at your target  as you impact the ball which will ultimately improve your strike.

Accees to my new APP which is linked through my website.


Send 2 videos to me of a part of your Golf Swing, Chipping, Putting etc. I will analyse them, send you feedback and a demonstration to ensure you are clear as to what you need to do. As you have access to my on-line training Program you will need to complete the on-boarding and send me videos of all aspects of your game to enable us to work together to get the best out your game.

Access to my On-Line Golf Training/Practice Program, where you will be set tasks to complete around all aspects of the golf game. You will be able to share with me your progress by signing off tasks/achievements as you complete them. When you sign up there is a onboarding process with a simple questionnaire to help me understand your golfing ability. I will also ask you to complete a simple monthly feedback questionnaire to help me plan your next month. Finally there is an Achievements section where you can update things like your handicap improvement, Your score improvement etc.

You can send me 5 videos of your golf swing, chipping or putting across the month where I will respond with feedback (Not Analysis) to ensure you are on-track.


Access to my Golf channel which has 60+ demonstration videos and 40+ drill videos which will enable you to review what you are working on.


Access to my Members Forum where you can share your achievements or ask question.

See below for examples of the App which will be used for the majority of the program. 

Coaching Channel App Screenshot.
Training Program App Screenshot.
Training Program App Screenshot.

You get all of this

£35 per month

Minimum subscription term is 3 months

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