Wedge Play and Pitching

  • Pitching, set up

  • The 50 yard pitch

  • Pitch different distances with the same club

  • Pitch the same distance, 3 ways

  • Pitching into the wind

  • Wedge, set up

  • Wedge tempo

  • Hitting your wedges higher

  • Hitting your wedge into a crosswind

  • Adding spin to your wedge shots

  • Taking spin off your wedge shots 

  • Pitch, keep body compact

Welcome to the Wedge Play and Pitching Channel. You will see the top guys on the tour hit it fairly close on regular basis when they have a wedge in their hand. For them hitting their wedges close is the difference between a 70 or a 66 and by improving these clubs you will improve your score by 4 or 5 shots. The channel covers off everything you will need to improve this part of your game. Get practicing.