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Share Option

In 2024 I will be playing a full schedule on the Clutch Pro Tour and will be playing in the DP World Tour qualifying school towards the end of the season as well as trying to qualify for The Open.

To help me achieve my full potential as a top professional golfer, I am selling shares in myself ahead of the coming season. This will allow me to play as many tournaments as possible and give the best chance of sharing in my success throughout the year.

To play the full season I am looking to generate between £10,000 and £15,000.

Each share will cost £100.

In return I will be paying a percentage of my prize money.

If I sell

  • 1-60 shares. 25% to share holder. 75% to Player*

  • 61- 100 shares. 40% to share holder. 60% to player*

  • 101-150 shares. 60% to share holder. 40% to player*

It is very expensive to play on the mini tours which is why I need to sell the number of shares I am asking for and so the more shares I sell the more prize money I can give back to my share holders.**

In reality IF I WIN, YOU WIN..


There will also be opportunities for branding advertisement on my equipment/clothing when 15 or more shares have been purchased by an individual or business.


If you are interested in this great opportunity to invest in a local sportsman,  then please please click on the button below to download a copy of the share agreement for review or contact Brad Cox at or phone 07801447808


When you purchase a share/shares which you can do by clicking on the link below you will be sent a legally binding share agreement updated with the number of shares purchased.


* Player shall be known as Brad Cox.

** All share holder payments will be based selling the max amount in each category and will be calculated after withholding any tax liability. 

Brad Ferndown 2_edited.jpg
Royal Porthcawl 1_edited.jpg
Iron Off The Tee 1_edited.jpg

Click on DOCX to download a draft copy of  the share agreement

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