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Welcome to the Putting Channel. When I speak to the majority of amateur golfers I know and ask them what practice they do. On the whole, most of it is done on the driving range working on their driver or Irons and very little of it on the putting green. When you think that probably, nearly half of your shots on the golf course are played using your putter, you can see that we all need to practice our putting skills more. The channel covers off everything you would need to help improve your putting. So spend some more time on the putting green and lower your score. 

  • Putting, set up

  • How to hole more putts from 5ft

  • Putting, the importance of start line

  • Putting in the wind

  • Putting using the mirror aid

  • Putting, the ladder drill

  • Putting, the clock drill

  • Aim small, miss small

  • Putting, the importance of pace