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New Irons in the bag

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I have been struggling with my iron set up for a few months now. They were far to spinney and I was not getting the penetrating flight I am used to. Thanks to Chris Harrison at Broadstone Golf Club who as always really helped me with my fitting needs, I am now gaming the MIZUNO MP20 irons. The set up is 4 through 9 and I have gone back to my trusted KBS Tour shafts which are similar to the shaft I was playing in my prolific amateur year in 2016.



As a lot of you will know a large percentage of the game is in your head and if i am really honest i have not been completely happy with my shaft set up over the last couple of years. They say never go back, but i have. Couldn't wait to get the KBS Tour C-Taper shafts back in play. Gone for slightly stiffer shaft now in the 130 X which gives me the flight i have been looking for

That's all for now. Have a couple more bits of exciting news that i will tell you about when i able to.


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