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Course Management and Strategy

Welcome to the Course Management and Strategy Channel. Other than the fundamentals of hitting the golf ball, this subject is probably the most important. The following examples, will cost you shots out on the golf course.

Making the wrong decisions about what shot to hit.

Not knowing how far you hit each club. 

Not knowing how the greens are going to react.


You will find ways a to improve these issues and much more within the channel.

  • Warm up routine

  • Play with what is working

  • Course Strategy, chipping warm up

  • Course Strategy, putting warm up

  • Course strategy, what club to take

  • Course Strategy, different yardages you need

  • Course Strategy, know your club yardages

  • Course Strategy, playing a Par 3

  • Course Strategy, playing a Par 4

  • Course Strategy, playing a Par 5