Announcing My New Partner PLAYERSFUEL

I would like to introduce you to my latest partner Players Fuel. The company promotes and sells CBD products within the golf industry. This is an excerpt from their website. There view is that they want to be part of the new era in golf performance.

The Only Choice

Golf pros are turning to this legal performance enhancer because it affects the single most important aspect of a golf swing. The human swinging the club.... When you swing with laser focus, serene calmness, and are virtually ache free, the ball flies straighter and further

Pain Equals Distraction, Painless Equals Improvement

Swing harder swing free, CBD is a shortened version of cannabidiol, it's just one of the cannabinoids found in the hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive, so won't get you high or anywhere close. If many tour players are using CBD products like oils, gummies, balms you know you can safely use.

Performance Means Everything

We want to re-write the rules when it comes to golf game improvement and performance. We want you to stop searching for another golf club or gadget and get to the EXACT solution to the problem. Us, our body and focus.

PLAYERSFUEL said when a announcing Me.

We are very excited to announce Brad Cox as our latest PLAYERSFUEL Pro ambassador. Time to level up. We are looking forward to working with Brad and supporting him for his CBD needs this season.

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